Excellent Dog Training

Walking with a Friend, LLC in Gainesville, VA offers pain and force free training methods to help you bond with your dog. We can teach your dog to do what you want him to do without damaging his spirit and playful nature. Our staff will help you improve your relationship with your four-legged friends.

Services Offered

Service Dog - Assistance Dog 

Hearing Alert Dog Coaching and

Family Pet Dog Training


Coaching Continuing Education

& Tune Ups

Public Access Coaching 

We Build Relationships and Trust 

by Using 100% Positive, 

Reinforcement Based Training Methods


Fear-Free, Force-Free, Pain-Free 

Home-Style Boarding for Current Puppy or Adult Dog Clients Only


Private in Home Training Classes

AKC Canine Good Citizen Training and Evaluation


AKC CGC Public Access Training and Evaluation 

Private Training - Class 0ne - 2 hour Orientation and Training $135

Class Two and beyond $85 per hour. 

Classes are scheduled as needed at your convenience, based on learning pace and availability.

NEW - Puppy Socialization - 8 Weeks to 16 Weeks Old  - 4 sessions - 4 hours a session - $500

This course has been added for busy pet parents who recognize the importance of early learning and sensitive periods in a puppy's life but do not have time for all of the demands of puppy learning time.

Drop off your puppy and pick him up later in the day.

I will socialize your puppy by taking him out and about in the world. I will introduce him to trains, busses, trucks and motorcycles as well as children, seniors, firemen, police officers and the ice cream man. I will give him a strong foundation to help prepare him for a lifetime of confidence and teach him good manners and how to play fetch. 

I will work with you and teach you how to give your puppy a solid start in his life. 

We will work together to maintain his healthy curiosity and and the amazement and joy you share with him.

Board and Train for Busy Pet Parents

We train your dog and then teach you to continue training your dog at home. We teach your dog what you want him to do.

Many of our clients use this service when they go on a vacation. This service is limited to one dog per two week session. 

The cost is $100 per day with a 14 day minimum stay. 

There is a manditory 2 hour orientation and meet and greet for new clients the cost is $135. The meet and greet is for an assessment and a realistic look at what you can expect from our program. You will also leave understanding how your dog thinks and why he does behaviors that possibly confound you!

Many pet parents choose this program when they need vacation boarding for their dog and want their pup to sharpen his skills or learn new ones.  

Home-Style Boarding for Your  Puppy or Adult or Senior Dog

For established client petparents only as needed boarding for vacations, special events, etc. 

If you are new client and wish to board with us you must participate in out 2 hour Orientation & Meet and Greet session to make sure that you and your pup are comfortable with us in this environment. 

The cost is $150

This service has limited enrollment of 2 dogs per day to guarantee individual pampering.

The cost is $50.00 per day per dog - Maximum of two dogs

Single daytime drop-off and same day pick-up service. 9:00AM-4:00PM. Good for appointments or emergencies. 

Limited availability for established clients. 

Cost $35.00 per day.

We offer Day Training that includes 45 minutes of custom training for your dog.

Cost $85.00 per day


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